If your office is constructed in hard materials, like concrete or plaster, the acoustic problems are often experienced as a reduction of speech understanding and headache, and it is often very hard to hear what people are saying. The problem is caused by a long reverberation time, meaning that the sound waves are reflected back and forth, between the hard surfaces of the room.

AntiNoise® panels is an elegant, effective and inexpensive solution to the problem. The product is available as a wall- or ceiling-mounted acoustic panel, which easy can be mounted simply and quickly both vertically and horizontally.

The product is designed for many purposes, like offices and utility rooms, and the panel is framed in a white powder-coated aluminum color.


Perfect solution for use, eg:

  • In the office
  • In the kitchen
  • In day care institutions
  • In classrooms
  • in schools
  • In canteens
  • In various hall areas

Do you need guidance – for screen walls and ceiling modules?
If you have questions about your acoustics issues, either in the office or in the production area, then please contact us – and hear what options you have. We are ready to give you advise on the location of the acoustic panels, the amount of the acoustic panels.


An alternative could be to mount a sound-absorbing image on your wall, where you can choose your preferred subject/image. Check out our product “Acoustics Flex Frames”.

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Product facts & Info





Fire class

EN 13501-1 Class A.

Sound Absorption



White powder coat Aluminium + Mineral wool


900 x 600 mm | 1800 x 900 mm