50 years of experience

50 års erfaring

200 employees

Over 200 medarbejder

Production in DK, SK and DE

Produktion i Danmark, SK og Tyskland


In the industrial field, B6 develops and produces innovative customised solutions in technical foam, rubber, plastic and textile for applications in sealing, insulation, acoustics, protection and comfort. 

We offer advice for optimising special solutions for the current application. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, we strive to ensure that our solutions contribute to increased safety, well-being, profitable operation and, not least, the green transition for many different sectors of the industry.


B6 offers a wide range of materials and solutions for the CLEAN, CARE & HORECA sector, including cleaning products, care products, laundry articles, incontinence products, as well as tablecloths, napkins, bed linen and other textile products. 

The product range also includes fire retardant textiles, duvets, pillows, mattresses and complementary products for hospitals, professional laundries, shipping companies and airlines. 

A large variety of our products are produced with the EU eco-label and come with the Oeko-tex certificate.


Within the furniture industry, we deal with loose fillings for both seat, arm and back cushions in many different designs. In addition, we offer a wide range of filling components. 

To finish the cushion, we offer many different fabrics, to ensure that we always have a material that meets your needs. We have years of experience in tailoring solutions to suit any comfort or quality requirements our customers may have. 

Lastly, we specialise in providing our customers with the best advices on how to preserve the shape of the cushion. That way, everyone gets the most out of our products.